We are proud of our successes. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients being able to rebuild their lives, to be able to leave us and live successfully in their new environments. Everyone is unique and everyone has their own unique journey – we are so inspired by some of the stories we hear. On this page, we will share some of those stories with you.

Simon’s Story
Turning your life around is never easy.

Simon was picked up from the streets by the police following a series of petty crimes to fund his drug habit. A stint with the probation services identified potential mental health issues and he was considered a risk to himself. That led to him being sectioned and spending nearly a year in hospital stabilising his mental health.  

He wants to thank SASH for giving him the space, security and safety that has allowed him to get his life together and on track…. Read More…

Sam’s Story
Sam says without SASH she wouldn’t be where she is today.

When Sam was about 16-17 she started going clubbing, out to parties and festivals like any other teenager. She went to Glastonbury and would get the train up to Liverpool to the nightclubs. It started with just popping pills and speed…

And then one day that changed… Read More…

John’s Story
Sudden life changes and major upheaval can knock the best of us off our feet.

John (not his real name) grew up on his father’s tenancy farm in east Shropshire. He attended the local grammar school and enjoyed playing the traditional sports of rugby and cricket. Eventually, he took over the tenancy from his father, and enjoyed all that life as a dairy farmer offered. 

And then one day that changed… Read More…

Tommy’s Story
Tommy spent seven years at SASH. 

And he would recommend it to anyone.

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