Our homes

Street view

We currently have four properties in Shrewsbury, one in Craven Arms and one in Bridgnorth. We pride ourselves on providing high quality homes that are within walking distance to town centres, shops, amenities and transport services. 

Each resident has their own fully furnished, comfortable bedroom with private bathroom. Living in a SASH property, means sharing communal areas, such as garden, living room, kitchen and laundry facilities, with other people who also need support. 

Accommodation arrangements are organised through care co-ordinators and tailored to meet individual needs.  Stays may last up to five years, giving individuals time and space to build their independent living skills. 

View our homes:

  • Shrewsbury
    SASH currently have two shared houses in Shrewsbury. We also have three, one bed flats in Shrewsbury which are used for ‘move on’ accommodation, with residents having previously lived at one of our shared houses. Residents who have progressed well and are deemed suitable to move on to more independent accommodation are considered for any available flat. The SASH Board has approved the purchase of more flats over the next few years.
  • Oldfield Villa, Craven Arms
  • Westgate, Bridgnorth
Front door of house

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is of paramount importance in our residences. It is our promise that:

  • Our fire alarms are checked regularly and a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) has been carried out at each property.
  • We perform regular fire drills with residents
  • All electrical appliances are tested annually.
  • Gas boilers and heating systems are serviced annually.
  • Our properties have all been surveyed for Asbestos, with records available at each property.
  • We have a number of contractors available to carry out repairs when required. Our contractors will respond within a timeframe dependant on the seriousness of the repair required. We would normally be able to confirm how quickly the response will be at the time of reporting and update residents as appropriate.

Our residents personal safety is important to us. The process from referral to moving into a property involves other professionals, including mental heath Social workers and Nurses and sharing appropriate information, so that we can identify potential threats to the health and well being of residents and staff. SASH will not tolerate aggressive or violent behaviour in our properties by residents or their visitors and any incidents are dealt with appropriately.

Repairs and maintenance

In our resident surveys, 100% of residents responding stated that repairs were dealt with appropriately.