Our services

You got this written in chalk

Shropshire Association for Supported Housing (SASH) offer high quality supported living services for individuals living with or recovering from mental health issues.

We have homes in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Bridgnorth that offer safe and private spaces. The team at SASH promote independence and respects personal choice, supporting residents with the freedom to progress and develop at their own pace.

Each resident has their own fully furnished, comfortable bedroom with private bathroom. Living in a SASH property, means sharing communal areas, such as garden, living room and kitchen, with other people who also need support. 

Working with a network of support and care workers, residents can stay until they’re ready for the next step of their independent living – up to five years but they may be ready to move before that. The accommodation we offer is intended to be temporary.

Our residents live independently, with regular support on-site and 24-hour emergency help from appropriate professionals.

During their time with SASH, residents are encouraged to:

  • Make plans for the future
  • Prepare for, or rehabilitate to, independent living
  • Take up new hobbies and leisure activities
  • Rehabilitate back to the workplace
  • Re-train or return to education
  • Focus on rebuilding confidence

If you are aged 18 or over, are recovering from or have an enduring mental health issue and feel the services we offer at SASH may suit you, or someone you know, please contact us for details on how to apply.

How long can I remain in a SASH property?

Residents may stay for up to five years depending on the individual needs and requirements. Reviews take place regularly to ensure the right levels of care and support are in place. 

What support will be provided for me?

Your levels of support will be determined by your Care Co-ordinator during your assessment process. Your Care Co-ordinator will maintain contact with you and with the team at SASH during your stay. Your regular reviews will be with both your care worker and SASH to ensure the requirements of all parties are being met.  

The team at SASH provide the landlord management functions to ensure that the licence agreement is being kept by all housemates. This might include monitoring a cleaning rota for shared or common parts of the building.

How well does SASH perform?

We regularly ask and seek feedback so we can continue to improve our services. In our Resident Survey in July 2020, Our residents told us we excelled in the following areas:

  • Maintain/Repairs/replacement – check alarms
  • Good staff – provide a supportive home
  • Good landlord – issues resolved
  • Provide safe place to stay – most things
  • People in need – non judgemental base to live
  • Provide warm, safe and comfortable home.
  • Look after you and make you feel safe.
  • Look after you. Supervise property
  • Feel at home and safe – monitor cleaning
  • Warmth and security.
  • Thank you for giving me accommodation when needed most as homeless.
  • Nice, friendly staff. Property managed well.
  • Enjoyed living here. Shame to move.

100% of residents who completed the survey stated that SASH dealt with repairs appropriately.