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Some of the comments our residents have made about SASH. Information provided as part of our Resident survey carried out in November and December 2018.

What do SASH do well?

Regular meetings – ease of communication- approachable staff – look after residents well.

Accommodation issues discussed and resolved  quickly

Repairs dealt with.

Comfortable living – happy with room and regular visits  

Supportive staff – feel secure.

Look after you – look after our needs

Staff are nice – SASH is a pleasant place to live

Really enjoyed being with SASH – Health has improved

I can approach staff with problems.

Provide a safe homely living environment.

Living here has helped me get things back on track. I have got more confidence in myself, because I have coped well in a shared house. 

I was not sure about sharing, but I have my own space and have made friends with my housemates. SASH have supported me and I would definitely recommend living here.